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That Throat Thing

This past Friday at market was the start of the winter pass around illnesses. For whatever reason it seemed to target the men market vendors. Maybe there was something in the woods, since it was the first week of deer season. I’m sure the deer had little sympathy. But seriously people all over York had “The Throat Thing”. Well, the throat thing brought new and old tea drinkers to my stand. The requests were all the same, “Do you have a tea for this throat thing?”

What I know about men and those none serious health people is they are wimps in what they will do to help themselves. So, based on this, I knew the Germ Blaster tea blend was not going to be their cup of tea. But I did what to offer them some relief. I went with a mix of eucalyptus leaf, nettle leaf, ginger root and rosehips. I went heavy on the rosehips to give them a Vit. C jolt. One man’s voice returned after drinking only one cup, everyone came back for a second cup. Now that’s dedication!

Don’t wait to get sick. Drink herbal teas daily to stay ahead of the cold and flu season.

Buying patterns of the healthy and unhealthy eaters.

Often I feel overwhelmed at the amount of unshared knowledge I have in my head. I am sure many people could say the same. But then it also amazes me how lacking some people are in basic things, like how to eat healthy.

Watching the buying pattern in market is an education. We are a farmers’ market with a diverse array of vendors, the same is true of our customers. Our customers vary from the upscale chef and the organic shoppers all the way down to the junk food, out for a scroll customer. While some are buying organically grown carrots and leeks, others are buying donuts, chips and pretzel wrapped hot dogs. While one group is not necessarily more likeable than the other, I can tell you there is a difference in the over all appearance of these two groups of people. If only they would stand side by side in front of the mirror those under nourished and over calorie people might see the rewards of healthy eating. It’s not that hard when you get right down to it. Start with vegetables, add a little meat and fruit and stay away from the bread, cakes, pastas, potatoes and sugar. Oh, and eat raw vegetables and fruits or learn to cook; processed foods are a big no. They suck up your food budget and leave you fat and malnourished.

Winter Illness Got You Down

 Make a tea of ginger root, horseradish root, garlic and onion. I use equal amounts, chopped and steeped into a tea. Drink small amounts throughout the day. If you are extra brave you can add a small amount of cayenne pepper, but I have found adding cayenne pepper is too much for me. I tolerate all the other ingredients well. This recipe helps with my bronchitis but it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Holiday Spice Tips

Replace all or part of the white sugar in your Pumpkin Pie recipe with brown sugar.  The pumpkin flavor is more pronounced, the sweetness more subdued.

Most cinnamon is 2-2.5% oil content, I sell 5% oil content cinnamon. The taste is superb.

Kramer at Market

I own a spice, herb & tea stand in the New Eastern Market. We are located in York, PA and are open on Fridays from 7am -7pm. If you live locally please stop in; it is a wonderful market. I have over 150 spices, herbs & teas at my stand. This is my first blog! I hope we will learn from each other. Enjoy!

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