Kramer at market Essential Oil Labeling

Kramer at market Essential Oil Labeling

We currently carry 30 – 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, most of which are also Food Grade at the time we purchased them. FDA labeling says we can not label both therapeutic and food grade on the same bottle. After much consideration we have decided to label 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade. Our reasoning behind this is, much of what we promote and believe in, in the use of oils, is body application (massage, ointments, rubs, etc) and aromatherapy (infusing in your air space, inhalers, etc). While we know some companies are pushing digesting essential oils for there many health benefits we have many concerned on the safety of this practice due to the potency of essential oils. I have posted before that 1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to drinking 26 cups of peppermint leaf tea. Oregano oil is powerful enough to burn the skin and yes your throat. Some people are putting drops of oil in capsules and swallowing them, I have concerns about them hitting your digestive track and organs in this pure form, after all that capsule is going to break down and all that will be left is pure oil. If you are doing this I suggest you heavily dilute that oil in carrier oil first. Personally, I feel you are much safer in digesting teas or adding herbs and spices to your smoothie blends. From a more practical stand, just squeeze a half of lemon in your water in the morning. Stay healthy, stay safe!

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