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Green Tea Powders

We get a lot of request for Matcha Tea, most of who have not drunk Matcha Tea and often are not sure what they are looking for. They have just heard of its amazing health claims. One reason we do not carry it is its hefty price tag. The other is I am not convinced our customers would go through the ritual of making it. We do however, carry green tea powder which can be used in place of Matcha. Be careful however, customers tell me there is a big caffeine kick in consuming the whole plant. 
Matcha Tea – “Finely ground tea having a neon-green hue and prepared from the leaves of plants that are cultivated in shade is known as matcha. Especially, this tea is brewed for being served in customary Japanese tea ceremonies. In addition to using this for preparing tea, it is also used in cookies, ice-creams, smoothies, drinks and alcoholic beverages. As expected, matcha tea is costlier compared to other green teas. However, the price of this tea is subject to the manner in which it is produced and/ or the class of this tea powder.” http://www.herbs2000.com/h_menu/matcha.htm
Here is an easy slide show on how to make this forthed drink.
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